Become a Software Engineer

Students collaborating So you're thinking about taking the deep dive into development? Looking for a career change or professional kickstart? Redirect your life's path by learning developer tools and web technologies at NSS. The Web Developer Bootcamp is a six-month, full-time program designed for those ready to go all in. The curriculum teaches the skills and technologies required to become a full-stack software developer.

Learn Code with Total Immersion Training

This bootcamp is the ultimate challenge on the road to a new career as a programmer. It's intense---as in five days per week, hands-on, writing lots of code. There are regular individual and group projects, and the daily introduction of new material and best practices. It's a fast-moving and rigorous journey where you will learn a lot about programming and, coincidentally, about yourself. The Web Developer Bootcamp is an intellectually stimulating, horizon broadening, energizing, and fun experience. Students emerge with the skills necessary to build ideas from concept to production. By the end of the program, you will find yourself prepared for an entry-level software developer position. The bootcamp is split into two halves, Front-end Development Foundations and Software Development Foundations.
  • Front-End Development Foundations

    Months 1-3 of the Web Development Bootcamp prepares students to work on building the front-end code associated with websites, web apps and hybrid mobile applications. Students learn to connect their front-end code to server code through open web APIs or custom web services. For many of our students this course is also their introduction to programming.

    The focus of this course is on the three standard languages of the web: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    Learn more about the Front-End Foundations Class.

  • Software Development Foundations

    Months 4-6 of the program are focused on the Software Development Foundations. All of these courses cover the same general software engineering and server-side development concepts, such as test-driven development, object-oriented programming, pair programming, source code control in a team environment, common code patterns, SQL database access, and more. However, each course teaches those concepts in the context of a different programming language and associated technology stack.

    There are currently two course options for the second half of the program:

    Visit the links above to learn more about the technologies covered in each of our classes.

Which server-side class is best for you?

Should you apply for the next available bootcamp or wait for one with the “right” server-side technology? Here’s our best answer to that question — The foundational concepts you’ll learn are universal. The technologies are important and may influence what companies would hire you for your first job, but all are widely used in Nashville and nationally. This is just the beginning of a lifetime of learning! You can build a great career on and around any of the technologies that we teach. If your goal is to switch careers and you don’t already know a specific technology that makes the most sense for you, then just get started. As a professional software developer, you’ll need to learn multiple languages, and many, many new technologies. Many of our graduates learned two languages in class and then went on to learn a third, or even fourth, language since they graduated and went to work.

Upcoming Programs

Program Type Format Dates Tuition
Full-Time Web Developer Bootcamp
Python And Django
Day (6 months) Live Online
Updated Dates!
November 6, 2023 -
May 10, 2024
Applications are closed.
Full-Time Web Developer Bootcamp
C# And .NET
Day (6 months) Live Online January 2, 2024 -
July 1, 2024
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Future Program Dates

Program Type Format Dates
Full-Time Web Developer Bootcamp**
Python And Django
Day (6 months) Live Online February 12, 2024 -
August 2, 2024
Applications are expected to open in October 2023.
Full-Time Web Developer Bootcamp**
C# And .NET
Day (6 months) Live Online April 1, 2024 -
September 20, 2024
Applications are expected to open in November 2023.
Full-Time Web Developer Bootcamp**
Python And Django
Day (6 months) Live Online May 13, 2024 -
November 1, 2024
Applications are expected to open in November 2023.
Full-Time Web Developer Bootcamp**
C# And .NET
Day (6 months) Live Online July 1, 2024 -
January 7, 2025
Applications are expected to open in January 2024.

**These bootcamps are not yet open for applications and are subject to change.

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