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It is with great sadness, and more than a bit of frustration, that we announce that NSS is no longer able to enroll veterans that seek to use their GI Bill® or other veterans entitlements in order to acquire the skills to start a well-paid, creative, and engaging technology career. Our approval to enroll veterans was revoked without warning or due process last week. There has also been no adequate explanation beyond the fact that there’s a new administration in Washington D.C. and they are looking at things “differently”. You can learn more about our positive track record with the VA in this blog post.

Why Technology?

Technology can offer a great career path for military veterans. The drive, discipline, and attention to detail required for success in the military can be handily adapted into coding and analytics. Plus, demand for software developers, data analysts, and data scientists is growing in Nashville.

Returning service members can make excellent programmers and analysts. We’ll help you translate your military learning into civilian roles and develop new technology skills. Individuals who are smart, determined, and deeply interested in technology can succeed at a coding bootcamp, even if they have never previously written a line of code.

Why Nashville Software School

We are one of the first coding bootcamps in the country and were the first non-profit coding bootcamp.

More to the point, we have a proven track record of helping adult learners with motivation and an aptitude for software development, data analytics, or data science work gain the skills and knowledge necessary to secure a junior-level tech job and launch a career. And that includes well over 100 veterans. If you are committed to launching a career in tech, we can work with you to make it happen.

Do you accept the GI Bill®?

At the present time, NSS is not able to accept the GI Bill®. However, veterans are eligible to apply for our Opportunity Tuition. You can learn more about this unique deferred tuition plan on our program pages for each cohort.

Since our founding, it has been our goal to support veterans seeking the skills required to secure a great civilian career in tech. Veterans are underrepresented in technology careers and as a result of that, we encourage you to apply to attend NSS and to apply for the NSS Opportunity Tuition.

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