Welcome to Stories from The Hackery, a podcast series centered around stories from Nashville Software School graduates, employers, or instructors.

Stories from the Hackery provides an opportunity for our graduates to tell the story of their journeys from “not a software developer” to “am a software developer”. It’s also a channel that allows our hiring partners to communicate why they hire junior developers, lessons they’ve learned on how to onboard junior developers, and suggestions for the best ways to help junior developers grow. Finally, the podcast gives us a way to share lessons we’ve learned about how to develop promising new talent, share opinions about tech education and the local talent market, and otherwise help the community learn about what goes on here at Nashville Software School.

Episode 8: Interviewing Steve Brownlee

Steve Brownlee Lead Instructor at Nashville Software School

Steve Brownlee,

Lead Instructor here at NSS, speaks with John Wark about the philosophy behind the Mastery Learning Process and fostering a learning environment that produces productive, inquisitive developers. Steve takes a deep-dive into how both students and local employers contribute to the continuous evolution of the core curriculum. Read highlights