Who Hires from NSS

Over 60 employers have hired one or more Nashville Software School graduates as a software developer, web developer, junior data scientist, business intelligence developer, or similar role. Several organizations have hired four, five or more of our graduates. Nashville and Middle Tennessee companies clearly find NSS grads to be “job-ready.” We also hear feedback from employers about our graduates using words like: passionate,committed, energetic, and motivated.

Want to know more about who employs NSS grads? Scroll down the page to see the names of many of our student employers. Also, check out the success stories of a few of our employers.

If you’d like to let us know about a job opening at your organization, would like more information about how you can get invited to our Demo Day to meet new graduates, or would like to talk to us about how you might get engaged with our placement process, click here to send us a message. We’ll get back to you and help you figure out the best way to get connected.

Some local employers have taken their relationship with Nashville Software School to another level by becoming an NSS Employer Partner. Employer Partners support NSS and its mission as a community-focused 501(c)3 non-profit by agreeing to pay a Placement Fee to NSS when they hire one of our graduates into their first software developer job. Placement fees eliminate or reduce the tuition owed by graduates to NSS and provide NSS with financial resources to fund additional students in our apprentice program and create new scholarships for members of under- represented groups. Our Employer Partners help us provide students who lack the financial resources to stop working in order to attend school with a way to launch a technology career. For more information about how your organization can become an NSS Employer Partner, see Become A Partner.

Selected Employers