Stories from the Hackery Episode 3

An interview with Jacob Sims on hiring and growing junior developers

“Nashville is going through a renaissance, and that renaissance is being driven by technology,” Jacob Sims, Vice President of Development and Information Technology at Premise Health, says. He joins John Wark and Clark Buckner in discussing the importance of mentorship, hiring and understanding the learning process for Junior Developers, a...

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It’s Our 4th Birthday!

NSS started our first bootcamp on June 6, 2012. The idea behind NSS was pretty simple - we felt that we could help address the shortage of local software developers by home-growing talent. In other words, we felt that there were plenty of people living in Nashville who had the aptitude to be good software developers. Those folks just needed an opportunity to tap into their latent potential. We believed that an accelerated, immersive learning environment, i.e., a bootcamp, would provide the...

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Stories from the Hackery Episode 2

Kelley Stephens Finds Improved Quality of Life as Software Engineer

“Sometimes it’s hard or frustrating, but it’s a good challenge in a way that I was never challenged before.”

Kelley Stephens, a Software Engineer from Cohort Five discusses the importance of changing careers, finding Nashville Software School, and using her knowledge and new network to land a job at Ingram Content Group. List...

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Nashville, Beautiful City, Needs Your Help

The following is a guest post by Nick Lorensen. Nick is helping to organize this year’s Nashville Day of Civic Hacking. NSS is co-sponsoring and hosting the event this year so we asked Nick to let our community know about the event and why folks should come out and contribute.

Nashville is a wonderful city, but it needs our help to reach its full potential. It’s growing like a vengeful mold, an urban amoeba expanding out and up. It’s strikingly diverse. I find so many di...

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Announcing Stories from the Hackery Our New Podcast

We’re excited to launch Stories from the Hackery, a podcast series from Nashville Software School. Each episode will be centered around one story from a Nashville Software School graduate, employer, or instructor.

Stories from the Hackery provides an opportunity for our graduates to tell the story of their journeys from “not a software developer” to “am a software developer”. It’s also a channel that allows our hiring partners to communicate why they hire junior ...

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Our First UI/UX Class

Last week nine students completed our first UI/UX class. NSS programs up until this class have been primarily focused on front-end and back-end development. As we start to expand our training beyond software development, we decided it was a priority to add a program especially for user interface and user experience design.

“User Experience and User Interface design are critical components of...

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Our First Python & Django Bootcamp

We are pleased to announce Python & Django as a new server-side technology option in our full-time Web Developer Bootcamp. Full-time cohort 13, which launched on April 4, 2016, will be our first class to learn the Python language, the Django MVC framework and other supporting Python technologies.

Python is a general purpose programming language with wide application. Python is a great first language for those just learning to be software engineers; in fact, by some measures it ...

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You're Invited to our UI/UX Open House

Come help us celebrate the first graduating class from our UI/UX for Digital Product Design class

Did you think NSS was all code, no color? Not true! Come meet the graduates of the first UI and UX for Digital Product Design course. Chat with the grads about their new-found expertise in user and customer experience, storytelling, rapid prototyping, usability testing, Design Thinking, HTML, CSS, frameworks, and interaction product design. We ha...

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