Stories from the Hackery Episode 7

In Episode 7 of Stories from the Hackery we catch up with Daniel Green from VitalSource Technologies at Ingram Content Group. Daniel’s development team was the first team at Ingram Content Group to hire a graduate from a coding bootcamp. We chat with Daniel about the products that VitalSource develops and why he felt it made sense to interview NSS graduates for his team. And we talk more broadly about the impact of the Nashville tech community on helping NSS become successful and how, in ...

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Nashville Software School announces Data Science & Data Engineering Bootcamp

NSS Announces Major New Data Science Program Coming in 2017

Today we’re announcing our Data Analytics & Data Engineering Bootcamp, a new training program that NSS will roll out in 2017. Dramatic growth in analytics applications and the increased use of data science tools across industries, especially in Nashville’s major industry of healthcare, has led to significant unmet demand for professionals trained in mod...

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Stories from the Hackery Episode 6

Hiring Junior Developers and Jim’s conversion from bootcamp skeptic to advocate

In Episode 6 of Stories from The Hackery, Jim Siegienski, CTO at Groups360, speaks in depth with John Wark on the availability of junior and more senior software developers in Nashville, sparking a conversation on where Nashville is now, how we can improve it, and the way to create a new mindset for companies ...

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NSS Approved to Accept GI Bill

First coding bootcamp in the Southeast U.S. to be approved.

Nashville Software School (NSS) is proud to announce that our full-time Web Developer Bootcamp has been approved by the Tennessee State Approving Agency for Veterans Education and Training. We are the first coding bootcamp program in the Southeast U.S. approved to accept the GI Bill and one of the first five in the entire country.

Career opportunities ...

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Stories from the Hackery Episode 5

An interview with Melanie Hall

Melanie Hall came to Nashville in 2012 because she was passionately involved at a non-profit. She supported herself by applying her college training as a designer. Like many designers we have met, Melanie realized that her design training didn’t really prepare her to design for the web. She needed an understanding of how (at least) basic lev...

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Stories from the Hackery Episode 4

An interview with Van Simmons on the evolution of mobile apps, iOS, Swift, and our upcoming iOS developer class

iOS and Swift continue to rapidly evolve. Van Simmons previews our upcoming iOS mobile development class and discusses how the changing nature of Swift is causing us to evolve our iOS class. Van also talks about the rapid emergence of idiomatic conventions f...

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Demo Day Recap and Interviews with our Newest Graduates

Last week, Cohort 12 and Evening Cohort 2 graduated 37 full-stack developers, marking over 293 total graduates of NSS. We celebrated their graduation and introduced 32 of the graduates to the community at Demo Day on Friday, June 24.

These graduates spent either six months full-time (for the day students) or 12 months part-time (for the evening students) training at NSS, learning server-side development with .NET/C# and front-end engineering with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/AngularJS. At ...

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Stories from the Hackery Episode 3

An interview with Jacob Sims on hiring and growing junior developers

“Nashville is going through a renaissance, and that renaissance is being driven by technology,” Jacob Sims, Vice President of Development and Information Technology at Premise Health, says. He joins John Wark and Clark Buckner in discussing the importance of mentorship, hiring and understanding the learning process for Junior Developers, a...

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