Work By Day, Coding Bootcamp By Night

Do you aspire to become a web developer, software engineer and/or mobile developer? Can’t attend our full-time program because you need to keep your day job? Our part-time evening program allows you to begin learning the skills needed to become a developer while maintaining a regular work schedule.

Learn to Code with Immersive & Experiential Learning

The Part-Time Web Developer Bootcamp covers the same curriculum as our six-month full-time immersion program. However, it is structured in a part-time evening and weekend format over the course of twelve months. You also have the option to accelerate your graduation by switching to the full-time program for the second half of the curriculum.

How It Works

A True Full Stack Curriculum

Our curriculum is truly full stack. You will spend six months focused on front-end technologies and six months focused on server-side technologies. This in-depth training will allow you to compete for front-end, server-side, and full stack web development jobs.

Visit the links below to know more about the technologies covered in each of our classes.

Our curriculum is constantly evolving. We have been working with Nashville employers since 2012 to build and refine our curriculum. We teach the skills they look for when hiring junior developers. Others may claim to locally-source their curriculum, but it actually comes from a third-party for-profit curriculum provider that’s not located anywhere near Nashville.

Software development is a team sport, so we’re not going to make you do it by yourself. There are exercises for solo and pair programming, as well as group projects. You’ll have access to your instructors and meet with your study group weekly. You’ll gain both the technical knowledge as well as the soft skills you need to work as a developer.

Career Development

No one knows the local tech employment scene like Nashville Software School. Our graduates have worked for over 400 local employers and more employers are hiring NSS grads every month.

Our career development program is woven into our curriculum and evolves based on student and employer feedback. Here is some of what our career development program includes:

You own your job search, but we will give you all the tools and support you need until you land your first job in tech.


The Evening Developer Bootcamp schedule is structured with 2 components: classroom hours and weekly study groups.

Each week of the Evening Developer Bootcamp includes:

The NSS Difference

We’re Nashville’s local non-profit tech bootcamp. We have over 6 years of experience in training software developers for Middle Tennessee. We’ve prepared over 1500 software developers for over 400 employers.

We believe that a hands-on, immersive program is the best way to learn the craft of software development. And while some may prefer shorter programs, our twelve-month part-time program opens our graduates to more job opportunities and makes them more hireable having twice the experience as graduates of other part-time bootcamps.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our part-time alumni have to say…

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