Become a Data Scientist.

Data Science is at the intersection of statistics/quantitative analysis, business acumen/domain expertise, and technology/“hacking” skills. The Data Science Bootcamp is designed to train students to work in data-intensive analytical jobs such as Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Big Data Engineer, etc. The bootcamp focuses on hands-on training in software engineering skills required to do data science as well as applying the necessary stats/math/analytical skills against real world problems drawn from a wide range of problem domains.

We have been talking with data scientists, big data engineering professionals, and employers in Nashville for at least three years now about the growing demand for trained new talent in these job areas. Everyone’s expectation has been that local demand for these jobs was going to rapidly increase in the years ahead. We are now seeing an acceleration in demand both locally and nationally.

In fact, multiple recent national surveys spoke to the need to train many more people to work in data science/analytics roles. One, from McKinsey, titled “The need to lead in data and analytics” noted the following:

“Data scientists, in particular, are in high demand. Our 2011 report hypothesized that demand for data scientists would outstrip supply. This is in fact what we see in the labor market today, despite the fact that universities are adding data and analytics programs and that other types of training programs are proliferating. Average wages for data scientists in the United States rose by approximately 16 percent a year from 2012 to 2014. This far outstrips the less than 2 percent increase in nominal average wages across all occupations in US Bureau of Labor Statistics data. ... This trend is likely to continue in the near term. While we estimate that the number of graduates from data science programs could increase by a robust 7 percent per year, our high-case scenario projects even greater (12 percent) annual growth in demand, which would lead to a shortfall of some 250,000 data scientists.”

We believe that the Nashville area has an untapped supply of latent talent for data analytical work. But, that talent needs access to accelerated, focused, real-world training. We’ve designed a Data Science Bootcamp to help address this need.

  • Part-time evening program that will meet two evenings a week and on Saturdays for a total of nine months.
  • Hands-on training in software engineering skills required to do data science. Students will learn to apply the Python and R languages to data analytics problems.
  • Application of stats/math/analytical skills against real-world problems drawn from a wide range of problem domains, including: digital marketing, supply chain, healthcare, retail and financial services.
  • Our current plan is to launch the program in October 2017 (subject to THEC approval).

We will start to share more information about the syllabus/curriculum for this new program over the next few weeks so that we can solicit feedback from the community. If you want to receive updates on the program as they are released, or if you would like to provide input regarding this new program, sign up for the email list on this page.

Note: Before NSS can formally launch any new program we must first receive program approval from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC). This program has been submitted to THEC and will hopefully be approved by the commission during their July meeting. Any dates on this page are speculative and based on the assumption that the programs will be approved in July. This page is not intended to solicit interest from potential students but only to share information about our plans with our alumni, our partners, and the Nashville tech community.