Eliza November 10, 2012

Share your experience!

We are almost 9 weeks into the Ruby/Rails/Software Development course.

The students are well on their way into their Rails projects and the time has come to expose them to more of the depth and breadth of the field.

As such, we’re hoping that many of you can volunteer to share some of your expertise with the class.

Details are below.

Contact me at eliza@elizabrocksoftware.com if you are interested in speaking to the class.




Dates/Times Available:

November 12th – November 29th (excepts for Nov 22/23) are all available for mentor/community talks.

Talks can be as long or as short as you are comfortable with.  Our goal is to share your expertise in a way that you are comfortable with.

We usually have class lectures from 8:45 – 12:45 and work on exercises until 4.  We can work with your schedule to fit a talk in at any point in the day.



We are open to any format you choose. Many of our guest speakers have chosen to give traditional presentations but exercise and free-form lectures have also been popular.


What they already know:

A summary of that we covered in the Ruby Unit: http://nashvillesoftwareschool.com/ruby-on-rails-4-weeks-in/

Since then we have been diving into Rails with Cucumber, Rspec through pairing and live coding on our learning project, weeBlog.

We are almost done reading through (book-club style) The Pragmatic Programmer and we will be starting on The Passionate Programmer at some point next week.

The students have also just started on their personal capstone project.



Naturally, none of these topics can be covered in a single lecture.  However, the more exposure topics the students have exposure to, the more able they will be drive their own learning once this course is over.


Please suggest any topic you are passionate about ( Keep in mind that you don’t have to know everything about a topic in order to share it with students!)


Below is a list of suggestions culled from my notes and student requests.

Intermediate/Advanced Rails Topics:


Topics on my personal list of “things developers should know”:


Topics specifically requested by students:


As you can tell, some of these topics can be covered in minutes, while others would take hours.

4 Responses to “Share your experience!”

  1. Jesse says:

    I find this concept very interesting and I wish I could participate but it seems its aimed at young people with no responsibilities, jobs, or children. Do you have plans to perhaps create a course that can be done online during the week then meet in person on the weekends?

    • johnwark says:

      I’m not sure I agree with the “no responsibilities, jobs or children” since many of our students hit one or two of those issues. However, it’s a great question. We’re very aware that not everyone who would like to get into a career as a software developer can manage to take six months off to go through our bootcamp program. We are working on night classes that will provide an alternative pathway through the training. We expect to launch night classes during the first half of 2013 so watch our site for more news.

      • Jesse says:

        Thanks for the reply. I just meant that for many people like myself who have day jobs and a family to support that schedule would be impossible. I’m sure your students have responsibilities, that was poor wording. I am glad to hear about the possibility of night classes though, I’ll keep my eyes open.

  2. Donnie says:

    I just learned about the Nashville Software School today and was immediately very interested, but like Jesse, I did not see any way that I could just take a six-month hiatus from my job and still be able to make ends meet. This information regarding the launch of night classes sometime in the first half of 2013 is exactly the kind of news for which I was hoping! I will definitely be tuning in to find out more information about this as it becomes available!

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