Help Nashville Software School Continue to Grow in 2016

Nashville Software School’s mission is to expand the technology workforce in middle Tennessee by providing motivated individuals with access to a career in software development through training, mentorship and apprenticeship.

As the only registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit coding camp in the Southeast, Nashville Software School has delivered on its promise to create a pipeline of software engineering talent into a tech community that greatly needs it.

Please consider Nashville Software School in your year-end giving plans.

By February, we will move to a new, larger space on Interstate Boulevard where we’ll expand the number of students and add new programs. We need your help to fund this growth and to continue our success in developing local tech talent. The greatest beneficiaries of your support are Apprentice Program students. NSS finances 90% of the cost of training Apprentice Program members and assumes the financial risk until apprentices secure a full-time coding job.

We ask you to join us by supporting Nashville Software School in your year-end giving by making a financial gift.

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Key statistics since NSS launched in 2012:

  • stephanie iyob

    Number of former songwriters, musicians, English teachers, journalists, chemists, baristas, Army captains, MBAs, architects,account managers, etc turned into junior developers.

  • kelley stephens

    Middle Tennessee companies that have hired one or more NSS graduates.

Key 2015 statistics:

  • jack whitis

    Number of graduates.

  • code review

    Number of graduates in the Apprentice Program.

  • simone gonzalez

    Placement rate for graduates who have been in the job market for at least 90 days.