Graduate Spotlight | Casey, Debbie & David

Last week we spoke with Matt Kraatz, Meg Ducharme and Scott Schaffer. One of the common themes for all of the graduates we have spoken to for these spotlights are that they wanted to challenge themselves. This next group has an especially unique set of challenges they faced, from newborns to reframing their psyches. Seriously, newborns....

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Can you hear me now?

We’ve made some exciting new additions to the Hackery, our large co-working and event room at NSS. The additions are “functional art” (is that a real thing?).

The “functional” part is that we’ve added a dozen sound panels to the walls in the Hackery to help reduce the sound level in the room when we have an event or lots of students working together on projects. Those of you who have been here for a Demo Day wil...

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Graduate Spotlight | Matt, Meg & Scott

Earlier this week we spoke with Liz Sanger, Fletcher Watson and Tim Maddux about their experiences prior to and during NSS. They detailed how and why they built the capstones they did and shared their insight on how to succeed in this unique environment. This week we look at 3 more recent graduates and how they transitioned from their p...

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Graduate Spotlight | Liz, Fletcher & Tim

Last Tuesday, NSS graduated 43 full-stack C#/.NET developers. These latest graduates impressed the community on their Demo Day with their drive, aptitude, and creative portfolios. As much as they’ve gained in knowledge from NSS, they’ve given back to the school by bringing their unique backgrounds and experiences to the table. In our new series of blog posts, we’ll help you get to know several of Nashville’s newest devel...

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Demo Day Recap and Interviews with our Newest Graduates

This week Cohort 15 and Evening Cohort 3 graduated 43 full-stack developers, marking over 385 total graduates of NSS. We celebrated their graduation and introduced 32 of the graduates to the community at Demo Day on Tuesday, January 10th.

These graduates spent either six months full-time (for the day students) or 12 months part-time (for the evening ...

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Stories from the Hackery Episode 8

In Episode 8 of Stories from The Hackery, Steve Brownlee, Lead Instructor here at NSS, speaks with John Wark about the philosophy behind the Mastery Learning Process and fostering a learning environment that produces productive, inquisitive developers. Steve takes a deep-dive into how both students and local employers contribute to the continuous evolution of the core curriculum.

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Stories from the Hackery Episode 7

In Episode 7 of Stories from the Hackery we catch up with Daniel Green from VitalSource Technologies at Ingram Content Group. Daniel’s development team was the first team at Ingram Content Group to hire a graduate from a coding bootcamp. We chat with Daniel about the products that VitalSource develops and why he felt it made sense to interview NSS graduates for his team. And we talk more broadly about the impact of the ...

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Nashville Software School announces Data Science & Data Engineering Bootcamp

NSS Announces Major New Data Science Program Coming in 2017

Today we’re announcing our Data Analytics & Data Engineering Bootcamp, a new training program that NSS will roll out in 2017. Dramatic growth in analytics applications and the increased use of data science tools across industries, especially in Nashville’s major industry of healthcare...

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