Graduate Spotlight | Sandy, Odigene & Matt

Last week we spoke with Janelle Zorvan, Sylvia Ma, and Yonatan Molla. Our evening bootcamp students make big sacrifices to attend NSS. Working full time jobs during the day, they spend two evenings a week and Saturdays in the classroom. They also meet with study groups outside of class at least once a week. They give up fun and family t...

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Cohort 16 Student's Website Featured in Board Game Podcast

During the course of our six-month bootcamp, students create two capstones to showcase their knowledge. Their first capstone is built after spending three months learning front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Angular. Each class spends another three months learning a back-end technology stack, which varies with each cohort. Their second capstone combines their knowledge of back-end and front-end technologies. For...

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Graduate Spotlight | Janelle, Sylvia & Yonatan

Last week we spoke with Jacob Keen, Dayne Wright, and Paul Williams. The decision to change your career is never an easy one. This week we hear from Janelle, Sylvia, and Yonatan who all decided to pursue development as a second career.

Be sure to listen to all of the graduates talk to our friend, Clark Buckner, about their journ...

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Graduate Spotlight | Jacob, Dayne & Paul

Last week we spoke with Matt Hamil and Ryan Bliton. Many students who start to learn programming on their own soon realize that they would benefit from a structured learning environment. This week we hear from Jacob, Dayne, and Paul. All three wanted to deepen their understanding of programming and credit the collaborative learning envi...

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An Intro to Contributing to Open Source

It’s a Saturday at Nashville Software School, and while the rest of the world is off enjoying brunch and picnics, a group of people with various technical backgrounds all gather at a long table and get to work. The mission?

Learn how to find, discover more about & meaningfully contribute to an open source project without being one of those people.
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Front-End Demo Day | Cohort 17

Cohort 17 wrapped up their first 3 months of intensive, hands-on learning today with a grand ceremony we refer to as: Front-End Demo Day. Picture a humid Hackery packed with active students and instructor staff…not a laptop stirring (not even a mouse). The entire NSS family was waiting to see what Cohort 17 had been frantically building over the last month.

Each student showcased their app or website, how they bu...

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Graduate Spotlight | Matt & Ryan

Last week we spoke with Delaine Wendling and Chris Barrett. For many of our students, finding a career they love is the driving force for applying to NSS. This week we hear from Matt and Ryan. They both started to learn development on their own and decided to fast track their learning at NSS.

Be sure to listen to all of the grad...

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Graduate Spotlight | Delaine & Chris

Last week we spoke with David Yunker, Dan Ventura, and Elliot Williams. Our students find their way into development in a variety of ways. Whether our students stumble into it or seek it out to make a career change, they all experience growth as they learn to overcome the obstacles in a bootcamp environment. By building apps for needs t...

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