Graduate Spotlight | Matt & Ryan

Last week we spoke with Delaine Wendling and Chris Barrett. For many of our students, finding a career they love is the driving force for applying to NSS. This week we hear from Matt and Ryan. They both started to learn development on their own and decided to fast track their learning at NSS.

Be sure to listen to all of the grad...

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Graduate Spotlight | Delaine & Chris

Last week we spoke with David Yunker, Dan Ventura, and Elliot Williams. Our students find their way into development in a variety of ways. Whether our students stumble into it or seek it out to make a career change, they all experience growth as they learn to overcome the obstacles in a bootcamp environment. By building apps for needs t...

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UI & UX for Digital Product Design Course is Back!

We’re now accepting applications for our part-time, evening UI & UX for Digital Product Design course!

Nashville is a creative community. As you look around this vibrant city, you’ll find interactive digital in music, healthcare, transportation, education, entertainment, and publishing. In fact, you would be hard press...

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Graduate Spotlight | David, Dan & Elliott

Last week we spoke with Zach Parris and Edgar Barajas. One of the common threads that runs through these stories is the desire to learn and to have a career that is both challenging and fulfilling. The grads we feature in this week’s episode went to some extreme lengths to get there: leaving stable careers, putting in odd hours to make ...

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NSS Students Attend Global Game Jam

In January, teams around the world gathered for the Global Game Jam, the world’s largest game jam (creation) event. The weekend allows developers, illustrators, musicians, voice actors, and creatives of all types to come together and create a game in just 48 hours. Held at physical locations in over 90 countries, the Global Game Jam brings together diverse groups that collectively express themselves through the creation ...

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Graduate Spotlight | Zach & Edgar

Last week we spoke with Casey Reed, Debbie Bourne and David Cramb. It’s been quite a journey getting to dive deeper into the various backgrounds of our graduates. As we continue through this series, we’ve seen overwhelming passion from these fresh software developers for their new careers, for specific technologies and for the opportuni...

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Hardware Requirements for Bootcamp at NSS

Students must provide their own laptops for classes at NSS. In light of Apple’s recent release of the next gen Macbook Pro models, as well as the passage of time since our last review of hardware requirements, we have just updated our recommendations and guidelines for student hardware.

Here are our recommendations for laptops to use during our full-time or part-time bootcamps.

First, a couple of overall...

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Graduate Spotlight | Casey, Debbie & David

Last week we spoke with Matt Kraatz, Meg Ducharme and Scott Schaffer. One of the common themes for all of the graduates we have spoken to for these spotlights are that they wanted to challenge themselves. This next group has an especially unique set of challenges they faced, from newborns to reframing their psyches. Seriously, newborns....

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