Great Article on NSS in The Tennessean

The Tennessean ran a very nice story about Nashville Software School in this morning’s edition in the business section. Solid overview of what we do at the school.

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Share your experience!

We are almost 9 weeks into the Ruby/Rails/Software Development course.

The students are well on their way into their Rails projects and the time has come to expose them to more of the depth and breadth of the field.

As such, we’re hoping that many of you can volunteer to share some of your expertise with the class.

Details are below.

Contact me at if you are in...

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Ruby/Rails Unit 2 Capstone Projects

The Software Development Foundations with Ruby on Rails course is divided into 4 units, 2 each for Ruby and Rails.

The purpose of their Unit 2 capstone projects was to demonstrate mastery of Ruby. The requirements of the project was that it was to be developed using only standard-library Ruby and Test Driven Development.

The students presented their projects last week and it was fantastic seeing how much...

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Now Taking Applications - January 2013 Bootcamp

We will be launching our second Web Development Bootcamp in January 2013. We are now accepting applications for the January class.

Our target for starting the next class is Monday, January 7. We are planning on the same general structure for the program as we used this year with Web Development Bootcamp in January, February and March. This will be followed Software Development Foundations in April, May and Jun...

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Ruby on Rails 4 weeks in

It’s been quite a while since our last blog post.

In fact, the bootcamp group finished their classwork and client projects in September!

We’re now 4 weeks into Software Development Foundations with Ruby and Rails.

I’m the instructor for the course and I’m exceedingly pleased with the students and the progress thus far.

This week we’re wrapping up the first unit of the course. So far, we’v...

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Week 2 of Cohort 1

We have finished week two in the maiden voyage of the Nashville Software School Bootcamp. The first student cohort has completed their introductions to HTML and CSS. They have demonstrated their understanding of the fundamentals by completing 11 exercises that require them to markup content, layout page elements using the CSS box model and formatting the content using CSS formatting. They have gone over basic design prin...

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Classes are well under way with Cohort 1

It’s day 5 of the Nashville Software School’s bootcamp maiden voyage. We’ve already covered HTML5 markup and CSS syntax and basic formatting in M-Thursday. We’ve had a couple of great guest mentors come by with stories of their personal journeys into web development.

In a previous activity, the class took data output presented to them from our form mail application (in a txt format), and marked it up in HTML. Th...

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Location for Summer 2012

We’re thrilled to finally be able to announce our location for the Summer 2012 Web Development Bootcamp. Our friends at the Nashville Business Incubation Center (NBIC) have offered to host us for the summer in their large conference/training room. It’s a great downtown location that works very well for us and keeps us centrally located for students from all sides of the Nashville metro area. Our thanks to Mildred Walte...

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